Fabulous teacher, so patient with me. I have noticed a Hugh difference in my core strength, my back is so much stronger now and I less problems associated with it. For me it was the best thing I every started.


Fun friendly class, Thursday Beginners. Jayne is a lovely lady and an excellent Pilates instructor and incredibly patient with us!


I had my first ever reformer session with Jayne today... Was very good, felt different from mat work,more controlled. I liked the resistance from the springs and straps and that she could up the resistance if I felt I wasn’t “working” it. Made me more aware of which muscle groups I was using and more aware of posture. I have a lot of joint problems and lower back problems and since I started mat work pilates all these problems have been helped by strethening muscle and improving posture and I’m hoping that by adding the reformer I will continue to improve these aches and pains.
It was also nice to have the one to one instruction from jayne who is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable and friendly.